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Conveyor components

In order to better serve our customers, we can supply full range of conveyor components with good price and high quality, such as impact bar, pulley lagging, belt clearner,buckets,repare strip ect.
  • pulley lagging

    On-site operation, no need to disassemble the drum, it is convenient and fast.We use imported materials, high bonding strength, good wear resistance. Thickness is 10,12,15,20mm, etc., can also provide flame retardant quality.
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  • Impact bar

    Impact bar is an important cushion part.

    Slow down the material on the conveyor belt and the impact damage, avoid sharp objects for tape tearing and scratches.

    Used in belt conveyor material guiding groove, blanking point below the belt.

    Outstanding capability to absorbing impact and low friction coefficient.

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  • Belt Cleaner

    The conveyor cleaner is for cleaning the conveyor. When transfering materials, if the residual material enters the drum or the roller bearing housing, the bearing wear will be accelerated,  the material on the surface will damage the belt and accelerate the wear and tear of the conveyor belt.
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  • Bolt for bucket

    Used for connecting buckets and belts.We supply all kinds of bolts for bucket.
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  • Elevator Buckets

    Light weight and high-strength plastic bucket, nylon bucket, integral stamped steel bucket.
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  • Repair strip

    The repair strip is a relatively advanced conveyor belt repair material. Its biggest feature is that it contains a semi-vulcanized layer, which can be super-bonded with the belt, high tensile strength, quick repair, easy operation, time saving. It is suitable for the repair of long-distance scratches, scratches and edge wear of conveyor belts, repair of partial rubber layer damage, and sealing of belts with cold seamless joints.
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