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Conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt are widely used in fields of mines, metallurgy, steel, coal, water and electricity, building materials, chemicals, cereal etc.
We produce full range of belts including EP conveyor belt, chevron conveyor belt,Nylon conveyor belt,rough top conveyor belt,sidewall conveyor belt,heat and oil resistance,FR, super width belts(maximum to 6300mm),rubber sheet etc.
Standard can be DIN 22102, RMA, AS 1332, SABS 1173/2000, IS 1891, BS 490, JIS K 6322, etc.
Quality is Corupro’s highest priority,our strict quality control system can be applied for each order, our people have continuous checking from materials, producing, packing and loading.
  • EP Conveyor Belt

    Corupro EP conveyor belt are constructed with high tensile strength fabric. Specifically constructed EP carcass (polyester-polyamide) provides great tear and tensile resistance. Polyamide fibers used in the weft direction bring excellent troughability. In addition to the polyester-polyamide carcass, corupro also manufactures alternative carcass, such as EPP, Nylon etc. Corupro belt is covered by rubber with good quality rubber,EP conveyor belt is suitable for medium and long distance conveyor, with high capacity and high speed . It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, port, electric power, chemical and other industries.

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  • Sidewall conveyor belt

    Sidewall belts are suitable for transporting (up to 90°) bulk material horizontally to vertically . It can reduce the number of transfer points during operation, and has a positive outcome in terms of saving energy and capital mode of operation. we offers this belts to customers with possible combinations of cleats and sidewalls in different height up to 500 mm.

    Sidewalls and cleats may be manufactured with re-inforced textile layers and connected with screws if required. Furthermore, we offers sidewall conveyor belts in cross rigid XE design as well as with steel breaker.

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  • Rip stop conveyor belt

    Rip stop conveyor belt is with anti-tear and rip resistant qualities without any equivalent in conventional fabric conveyor belts,
    It is special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties, and can  break the ripping momentum, limit any logitudinal cutting and tearing, it can be exceptional fastener-holding ability if required, make sure longer service life under heavy duty applications.

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  • Cross Stabilized Conveyor belt

    Cross stabilized conveyor belt is designed to bend efficiently in a longitudinal direction and has greater rigidity in a transverse direction by utilizing reinforced fabrics with monofilament the creates a fabric carcass of high tension.

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  • Bare cover conveyor belt

    Belts designed for light to medium-duty applications where no oil or wood turpines are present. Ideal for use on slider bed conveyors.
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  • Straight warp conveyor belt

    Straight warp conveyor belts are constructed with special carcass which allow belt to withstand with tough applications. Straight Warp Conveyor Belts have high impact resistant than standard ply construction conveyor belt.
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  • Rough top conveyor belt

    Rough top conveyor belt comprise two or three ply with cut edges, carcass of NN/EP fabric , With the top covers made using wear-resistant rubber featuring non-slip surface, used for transporting light weight goods, such as sacks, boxes and parcels, on inclined surface at angles of 35°. Top cover is made of wear-resistant rubber with a non-slip surface. It has a cushioning effect, mollifies and absorbs vibrations and impacts given on transported materials and simultaneously prevents slipping.
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  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

    Steel cord conveyor belts a re widely used in high strength, long distance and heavy load transportation of materials and they are also used in high strength and shont distance transportation of materials on special occasions.
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  • Super width conveyor belt

    We have introduced ultra-wide belt production equipment,we can produce  maximum width of 6000m. In order to ensure the quality, we use high-quality and high-wear-resistant natural rubber. After the production is completed, we will test anti-tearing and wear-resisting ensure the quality.
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  • White conveyor belt

    White belts are for the wood handling and food industry. White belts are ideal for transporting all kinds of materials that can't have color transfer or contamination, including food grade and industry grade.
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