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EP conveyor belt

EP conveyor belt uses polyester canvas as the skeleton material, with the advantages of high strength, thin body and light weight, good groove formation, good elasticity, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, it is especially suitable for larger load, faster transportation with medium and long distance and does not run off. EP conveyor belt are widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other fields to transport materials.

Sidewall conveyor belt

Sidewall conveyor belt can continuously transport all kinds of bulk materials at any inclination angle from 0-90 degrees. The ribbed conveyor belt can be designed as a complete conveyor system according to the requirements of the environment, It solves the conveying angle that can not be achieved by the ordinary conveyor belt or the pattern conveyor belt. With the advantages of large conveying inclination angle, wide application range, small floor space, no transfer point, reduced civil construction investment, low maintenance cost and large conveying capacity, Wave rib conveyor belts are widely used to transport materials in ports, metallurgy, mining, power, coal, foundry, building materials, grain, fertilizer and other fields.

Carrying idler

The carrying roller is mainly used for carrying the conveyor belt when transporting materials. It is widely used in mines, power plants, steel mills, stone factories, cement plants, coal washing plants, salt plants, alkali plants, fertilizer plants, docks, etc.

Impact idler

The impact idler is used for the belt conveyor to reduce the impact of the blanking on the conveyor belt. It is mainly used for the corrosive environment of coal washing plant, coking plant and chemical plant. The toughness of the roller is More than 10 times of ordinary metal, and the life is five times than that of traditional rollers. With the advantages of corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-static, light weight, etc., impact idler are widely used in mining.

Chevron conveyor belt

The chevron pattern on the rubber conveyor belt is used to increase the sliding resistance of the material to be conveyed, and the inclination of the conveyor arrangement is increased to save land occupation.

Uses: Suitable for conveying powder, granules and block materials with a large inclination of less than 60 degrees.

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